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Heavy lifting equipment

If you are looking to put on your belt and get to work, we have the place for you. Elite has a large variety of equipment—even a separate heavy lifting room. Click here to see how you can try it for free.

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personal training

Need a little extra motivation or accountability? Training for an upcoming event, or working on rehabilitating after a surgery? Our personal trainers are here to help. After an initial assessment, your trainer will help you define your fitness goals and guide you through an individualized plan designed for your success. Nutrition counseling, Reflexive Performance Reset®, Balance and Stability assessments, Boxing, as well as other specialty services are available.

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group classes

Working one on one with a personal trainer is not always in the budget, and some people prefer to work in a group. At Elite, personal trainers lead many of the group classes—so, you get the benefit of working with a trainer in a group setting, and it is FREE for members. We recognize that it’s intimidating to walk through the door to try something new. Our trainers and instructors will work to make sure you are comfortable. Plus, our members are awesome! They come together to help you feel at home. Cycling, Yoga, and Strength and Conditioning are just a few of the classes we offer. Find more information about classes here.

senior group classes

We offer classes designed especially to fit the need of our active group of 65 and over members. If you want more information about a senior programing click here.

24 hour access keys are available

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